Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A message from Nik

Well, this is my first blog post.... ever. Seeing as how it's the berry family I felt I should probably give my two cents.

We are now living at Polytech campus, with a place to call our own finally
cockroaches and all.... (side tangent but i think i've killed like 50-100 in this place. it's like a genocide that won't stop)
But we get to enjoy our screaming baby all to ourselves! sure we take her out and share her but there is no joy quite like walking nose first into a door frame at 2 in the morning to go get your hungry hungry daughter.

I know everyone has there opinions but she is the cutest baby in the world.... when she's happy.

Well I take that back, even when she's not happy she's super cute. And even when she's screaming her head off! She tenses up and turns purple in the face and you can stand her up and she'll get even more pissed off. She looks like she's about to go Super-Sayan.

She's gotten to a stage where (according to Dawna... I've only seen it once) she'll be watching those Nick Toons where they ask the audience a question and blink twice like they're actually listening to you... and she'll giggle and dance and sing with them. The one time I was home in the morning to witness this, and it was super cute.

It's kinda sad that my little helpless bear cub that I could palm is now making my biceps hurt from holding her all day but I'm excited at the same time that my cute little girl that is passed out on my chest will someday be playing soccer and yelling out "Daddy!" when I get home.

It's been a hard few months where our alone time consists of passing out watching one and a half episodes of Lost after I get home from work and our date night has become "quick!, let's get something to eat while she's passed out!" but I can't describe how much more I love my wife Dawna and the love I have for my little Tayberry.

They are the loves of my life and I look forward to spending the rest of it making them happy.