Monday, December 27, 2010

Beginning of my 2nd Trimester

Ok...So I'm on a roll today! Let me just make all my blogs at once! K? Sounds great!

Well...I was moving into my 2nd trimester on December 13th being 12weeks and 3days. That Monday was HORRIBLE.
I just kept feeling usual...and I just wanted to roll over and quit. Food was nauseating, the THOUGHT of food was sickening, the process of EATING food was not helpful, and I just was sick. I hated feeling this way. I just wanted to sleep and NOT have to eat anything. WHY do we have to eat? It's silly.

But then the miracle that some speak of happened the next day.
Tuesday December 14th....I had the huge ball of energy, I felt GREAT! I was hungry all the time but never nauseous. I couldn't believe it! At the end of the day I said my prayers of thanks and then waited for the following day to kick my butt again....
I had energy. I felt great. I LOVED food! I couldn't get enough food. Wonderful!

And everyday since then I have been perfect. Not one ounce of nausea, sickness, or yuckiness.
I have been very tired still but I can live with that.
Food seems to love me as I love it. We get along very well right now.
Oh...and I haven't gained a pound since my first visit! (Which I am told it good for the 1st trimester and then I am suppose to SLOWLY and LIGHTLY gain pounds as the baby gets bigger. Yay for saving it through the holidays!)

Well that's the update! 14weeks and 3days right now. yay! Next month I should be able to find out what we are having. I still feel it's a boy. We shall see!


Ok, here is a little story for you.

Nik wakes up early for work and to be able to work out before work (they have a gym at his office and it rocks. Gotta love BofA).

Anywho...he woke up at 5am this morning so he could get there in time to work out, shower, and get ready for work there and be to work by 8 without any rush.

As he is leaving the house I was still cozied up in bed but had this feeling to roll over and make sure he took his scan badge to get in the buildings. But then I realized my phone was over on the bookshelf and I didn't want to have to get up to text him if it did happen to be there on the dresser still.
Bad wife? Maybe.

Well about an hour after he leaves and I fall back asleep I get this BANGING on my window!
My head lays right there and it scared the HECK out of me!
My eyes SHOT open and stared at the ceiling.
I didn't know what to do.
I have this fear of looking out windows in the dark because I might  see some yellow beady eyes staring back at me.
But's a horrible thought.
Then more rapping at my window.
I just layed there motionless and prayed that Nik locked the door when he left for work.
THEN my phone light went on and I ran to it.
Maybe Nik was having a feeling that something bad was happening to me and wanted to tell me he loved me.
So I got out of bed...and IT WAS Nik calling me!
So I called him back and whispered "hello"
And he goes "Yes, it's me at the window."
Scare the living daylights out of me!!!!
I look over on the dresser...and there was his scan badge!
Why couldn't I have just LOOKED over there when I had that feeling...because now Nik will have driven the length to Maricopa and back today and that was one thing we were looking forward to with me being out of a job now - less gas! Yes, he drove to Chandler and the 101 and THEN he realized he left his badge. grrr.....listen next time, Dawna!
The reason he was knocking at my window was because he doesn't have a house key to my parent's house yet....which is NOW on my list for the day!

So not only did he waste gas because I didn't listen to the Whisperings and he didn't double check...but he also didn't have time to work out before work (which he loves). Sorry babe.
Learn from my mistakes and listen!

What a morning!

Our Merry Christmas

Christmas morning we woke up 
5:15am to be exact.

After getting ready, we opened presents at 6am
and then headed to Grandma's house for our Breakfast tradition.
We ate our Mickey Mouse Waffles, yes waffles....not pancakes.
Top that!
Then we had our sliced oranges and baked apples.
Add in some eggs and salsa with some bacon.

Then we opened presents there and could feel all the love from our families.
We are so blessed to be so close to our families.
After presents we played some Mario Cart (Thank you Santa),
played Phase 10 (Allred tradition),
Watched some Despicable Me (Thanks again Santa),
And slept.
Then Nik and I headed off to Nanu and Grandpa's house.

After almost running out of gas, because we were just so excited for Christmas, we made it safely.
We hung around for a bit until the food was done cooking.
Had a delicious roast, mashed taters, corn, yummy salad, and rolls.
Can't forget about the Poppers that Nanu gets us each year for us to pop.
Inside our Poppers we each got a paper crown to wear for the day, a joke, and a fun toy.
(we love traditions!)
After dinner we cleaned up and opened our gifts there.
We love our family.
Everyone gets along and loves each other.
We are so blessed.
After presents we had some pie and Wassail and then rolled ourselves out the door.

Here are the two pictures I have from the day and am waiting for the rest to arrive via email.

This was our 2009 ornament and tree.
Our tiny Provo apartment did not have adequate room for a tree
And we were going to be in AZ and CA for the majority of the holiday
I just bought this 4inch tree candle to sit atop our t.v.
Oh, the memories!

 This is our 2010 ornament.
All the writing was chosen by Nik.
Gotta love his humor and ability to have fun.
This sat on my parent's tree because we didn't have one of our own again.

And here I am at 14weeks and 1day (Christmas day).
Depending on what I wear you can see it or you can't because I'm not that big.
But it's fun to see a little growth.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas like we did!

Friday, December 3, 2010

This is the holiday feast we had here in the office. So delicious. I have the best, most generous boss ever!! Me and Baby Berry are stuffed! Now time to decorate the office. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Who's Your Daddy!

ever since I can remember Panda Express making the Orange Chicken more spicy....
I have HATED it!

Nik on the other hand LOVES it!
Sometimes if there isn't anything else that looks good he will get double Orange Chicken.
I can't stand it.
Sometimes it is so overpowering I feel my nose hairs fry off.

Well, ever since this baby landed in my belly...
...I have been CRAVING Orange Chicken.
I just can't get enough.

So....all I can say is that Nik is definitely the daddy...
And the baby has his taste buds.

So I texted Nik to tell him this:
This baby is DEFINITELY yours!
Not just for obvious reasons but also because
I can't stop craving Orange Chicken!

He replied:
If it is MY baby, as you claim,
It would crave TimTams and Dawna.
Seeing as how it OBVIOUSLY hates you
And you have not craved the chocolatey goodness that is TimTam...
It is OUR baby.

So he obviously took the "yours" in my text too literally...but his reply cracks me up.
"Seeing as it OBVIOUSLY hates you..."
For the last couple days it has been non-stop discomfort of the stomach.
(just an fyi)

He is so funny.
I love him!
So I just replied and said
Meant to say YOU are DEFINITELY the FATHER.
Oh well...he is still cute and funny.