Monday, January 31, 2011

Date Nights

I feel the need to document this wonderful date that we had last Saturday...because....I just LOVED it. Reminded me of our dating years.
I kept the mushy parts out,, don't worry.

We started the night early so we could get cheaper tickets at the theater to see Tangled.
It was super cute!
Nik even laughed during the movie and teared up in the daddy/daughter moments.
(gosh, I love him! he is going to be a great father!)

Then we went to Costa Vida!
We both love their salads
....I guess it is the Sweet Pork that does it!
We just sat outside and talked and talked and talked...about nothing and yet it was everything.
After dinner we went to Cold Stone.
We love that place!
Brought the ice cream back home and watched Money Pit on Netflix.
Pretty funny movie.
And guess what...I stayed awake for BOTH movies of the night!
THAT, my friends, is RARE!

But you know what I loved MOST about this night...other than the funny movie, awesome food, and amazing dessert...
...the undivided time Nik and I had together.
We didn't discuss work or family or money...
we just enjoyed each others company and talked about random fun stuff...
like back in our dating lives.
It was so fun! I went to sleep that night with a big smile on my face...
because he is the man that gets my whole heart for my whole life...
and then some.

(oh and get this....
all this was for $21 out of pocket.
we both love discounts, gift cards, and coupons!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Me.Want.Cookie! Me.Eat.Cookie!

This is the blue version of myself.
I CANNOT get enough of cookies right now!
(You probably wouldn't believe me if I told you 
that I sing Cookie Monster's little song in my head
in my spare time, would you?
True Story.) 

See...I am not much of a candy person, or a cake person, or pie, or even cookie...
But right now, I cannot stop thinking about cookies.
I cannot stop baking cookies.
I just cannot get enough.

This week I have made
Chocolate-Marshmallow Pillows,
No-Bake Cookies,
Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies (thanks Grandma Allred for the kit),
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies (thanks Grandma, again, for the kit).
Obsessed? Maybe.
Delicious? Definitely.

I woke up this morning and one of the first things I told Nik was that I wanted cookies.
After church we took a little nap and when I woke up I told him I was going to make some cookies.
He just laughs,
But I know he enjoys it too.
The whole family does.

Here are the delicious Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies I made with the kit Grandma gave me for Christmas from Lehi Roller Mills.
Yes, you can see they are a hit already! 
All those empty spaces once held the yummies.

Oh how I love cookies.
After much denial I guess I can say I crave cookies.
From my previous post you see I once craved Orange Chicken,
But once I passed the 1st Trimester I was done with that craving.
Now it is this yummy goodness that keeps me up at night.

So if you have extra cookies lying around, send them MY WAY, please!

19weeks 1day
I FINALLY feel that I look like I am pregnant,
rather than looking like I just gave up my Resolution of the gym in the first month.
Still having constant pain from all the shifting in my lower back, hips, and even my ribs.
If any mothers or pregnant ladies have suggestions, let me know!
But let me tell you, I truly am loving this whole experience.
It amazes me everyday what is going on.
That there is my baby growing more and more, getting ready to meet her mommy and daddy.
That Nik and I get to raise this beautiful little spirit.
This is amazing!
Through all the pain, I still smile at the end of the day.
I love her already.
And I love the wonderful husband of mine who has been so supportive through this whole experience.
He is a great husband,
(not to mention good looking!), 
And he will be a great father
(I just know it)!

Friday, January 28, 2011


Who remembers the Disney movie Anastasia?
One of my favorite Disney lines comes from that movie.
I don't usually upload videos but this is just my favorite!

Well, what am I getting at....I felt my baby girl move and kick for the first time yesterday!!!
It was amazing!
I was just laying down in my bed listening to the radio,
TRYING to get up for the day when I felt these weird 'muscle spasms' on my lower stomach.
I muted the radio immediately
(As if muting the radio would make me feel any better?? lol)
 and just laid there,
holding my breath so I could pay better attention. 
(As if holding my breath would REALLY produce better results??)

I put my hand just below my belly button and there were little movements.
Little movements. Little bumps and jabs.
Little movements from a little baby!!!
My eyes got real big as I realized what those were.
That was OUR baby!
There was a little kick on one side,
and then another,
and another,
and then nothing would happen for a minute or two and then I felt the bumps and kicks
moving to the other side.

Now, I don't know, and I actually doubt that my hand felt any of that.
I am pretty sure it was just under my skin that I felt it
and that I was just wanting my hand to feel it so I made my mind think it.
I still think the movements are too small for Nik to feel, but I am anxiously awaiting that day!

It was amazing! I couldn't believe what just happened.
I don't feel it every day or all day just yet
...just when I am really still.
I am so excited to meet her and to continue our little family.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Did You Ever Imagine...

So the other night when we were announcing our exciting news with my in-laws, I asked my mother-in-law a question...

Did you ever imagine this day? When you were pregnant with your first child, or any of your children, did you ever picture this day? The day that all your babies are growing up and some are having babies of their own to give you grandchildren?

She just laughed and said she never had. It all happened too fast.

Now for me to imagine those days are not that far ahead of me either. I have a little baby girl growing inside and then one day she will be here in my arms and she will grow up and live her life. Kinda sad to think about but also very cool.

I don't know....guess I'm just rambling on.
Life is a beautiful thing to be lived.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's A Girl!

Yesterday was QUITE THE DAY! Let me tell you a little story, k?

December 20th was a day of GREAT IMPATIENCE. Nik and I heard about this little urine kit that would be able to determine the gender of the baby after 10 weeks. Well, I was past that at 13 weeks and figured it would be a little more accurate being farther along and caved into the idea.
I mean, wouldn't it be fun to find out a little earlier what the baby is going to be?
So I took the test and it was suppose to read the level of testosterone or estrogen in my urine as I am supposedly passing the baby's urine as well. The test came back CLEARLY a BOY.

Yep, a boy! 
I had a feeling it would be a boy and when looking back through Nik's line, there is a majority in boys. So, I was going to have a boy. FUN! Totally new to me but a piece of cake for Nik. I only know girls....that's all I have, 3 little sisters and 0 little brothers. And majority of my cousins (that I know) on both sides are girls. But a boy would be fun.
Nik and I both talked about how this test could be wrong and that we weren't going to plan plan plan for a boy until the doctor confirmed it. It was fun talking about boy names and passing on the Berry name. Fun seeing all my friends that have boys and to wonder how mine was going to be. 

Well, my mom, so anxiously excited to be a grandma, started in on a quilt a little early. Just 3 weeks too soon. See, we had told a few people about the urine test we took but we also made it clear that the test wasn't 100% positive...that this is just a good starting point but that was it.
Back to grandma...she started on the cutest little green and brown owl quilt for Baby Berry. It was and still is adorable! I feel in love with the collection from Scrapbooks Etc and she ran with it. Oh, it was so fun planning the placements of the patterns and the little elephant she sewed on the front. So adorable.

Yesterday comes along and she has me come with her to pick out the backing for the quilt. She had just completed the whole top the night before. So down to Scrapbooks Etc we went and picked out the last of the fabric. I left her there for her quilting class and I went to my doctor's appointment.
My dad was the only one of both families that didn't have work and I wanted someone with me when we found out the gender. Nik couldn't get work off, my mom had her class, my father-in-law was in California, and my mother-in-law had work as well. So my dad came with me to the appointment and I was excited and nervous, still thinking it was a boy, but knowing this appointment could change everything.
I even called my cousin, Eden, the hour before the appointment and told her how nervous I was, that she could end up being a girl...which would be exciting, SO EXCITING, but a complete 180 from what I've been thinking.
Anywho, we get in the room with Dr. Beck and he checks around.
THERE IS A BABY IN THERE! It was amazing! I mean, of course there is but the last time I had an ultrasound, the baby was still a peanut.
I mean, of course that's a baby, but that was all I had seen since November...and my belly has ever so slowly grown, making it feel like "am I really pregnant?"

Ok ok, back to this wonderful ultrasound. Dr Beck checked and the baby has all 4 limbs moving like they should, the brain looks properly developed, and there is not cleft palate...the baby looks great!
Then he looks for the gender. He keeps moving the little instrument all over my belly just looking and looking and looking some more....then he says
"Well, looks like we have a girl."
Now I swore to myself that I wouldn't say what I was about to say...but it just fell out. In shock I asked "ARE you SURE?"
Gosh, I felt so dumb! OF COURSE he is sure...he's the doctor, been doing this for over 22 years! Duh, Dawna.
I started to cry...little tears of joy. I looked over at my dad and he had little tears of happiness in his eyes too. It was such a special moment.
I kinda felt silly for doing that little urine test and getting my hopes up so high on a boy but a girl is just as great and something I am a little more comfortable with anyways. I don't want her to ever feel that she was not wanted because we thought a boy for so long, because that just is not true. We are so excited to have her in our family an can't wait to meet her.
Yes, it is fun saying HER and SHE. Oh, so surreal. This is REALLY happening!

 I won't add the picture that proves she's a girl...because heck,
I can't even tell that well.
So we'll just take Dr Becks word on it.

She was moving around so much during the ultrasound. Her hands were up to her head and then down to her feet and then back up she was having her own little dance party in there. Then the cutest thing happened...she gave this GIANT YAWN. It was so precious. I couldn't believe it. All of a sudden we could see her jaw bones open so wide in a nice long yawn. She's real. She is really there, growing and moving around. Oh, how wonderful that appointment was. I wish I could have gotten that on dvd but maybe Dr Beck doesn't do that or maybe he does it later on. I am not too sure but how real that moment was to me.

I am in love. Ya know the feeling? I haven't even met her in person yet and I love her so much. I didn't understand and couldn't comprehend how possible that was. How was I going to find room in my heart that Nik as already filled up? How was I ever going to make room or feel that real love for anyone else? Well, it's happening. It's real. Nik and I have this little family. We are her parents. She is here because of our love, our love that will last through the eternities. She is ours and we are so excited to meet her.

Well, I finished up my appointment and went to tell the families. Hannah came with but I made her stay in the lobby because this was a special moment of my first baby and just wanted it to be me and my dad. But as soon as I got out to the lobby you could tell she was just DYING to find out what the baby is...and so I told her and showed her the pictures. Her eyes got so big and she jumped up and down. Hannah does this really cute thing when she gets really excited, she folds her arms so tight almost as if she is going to burst from excitement. She did just that and I could tell she was happy to have a little niece to play with even though I know she would have been just as happy with a nephew.

I called my mom as she was still in her quilting class and told her that that quilt was going to have to sit in Grandma's Quilt Stash a little longer. lol. She screamed and laughed all at the same time "IT'S A GIRL?!?!" It was such a funny moment and one that will go down in history. So, onto picking another collection for another quilt! Then I texted my sister in Utah and I could tell she was screaming cuz her texts came back in all caps. haha. I let my Aunt Lisa and Uncle Colby (my dad's siblings, Allreds) know and Lisa replied "Girls are all we know to make ;-)" and Colby said he called it, which he did.
See, on the Allred side my grandpa is the only boy with 4 sisters. Then there is my dad who has 1 sister and 1 brother and then for grandchildren there are 10 girls and 2 boys. Let's add in the babies of that generation and so far there have been 2 girls and then my girl to add to that. So, girls are the majority of what us Allred's know how to make.

We waited to tell Nik's family until they all got back in town or off work and then we met up last night. I showed the pictures to my mother- and sister-in-law, Randee and Amy, and they tried to guess what it was. They guessed a boy cuz heck, how are we suppose to read these grainy little pictures? We aren't doctors. haha. So then I told them it was a girl and everyone screamed. It was so fun! Nik keeps telling me she can be a girl but only as long as she knows how to hunt and camp and play sports. I just laugh and tell him that is fine because that is just what the Berry's do! It is going to be so fun!

 Here I am the day we found out.
January 17, 2011
17weeks 3days

So, that is our wonderful story of finding out the gender of our little baby.
In the poll I posted, there were 12 Girl votes to 9 Boy votes.
Next time we'll just go off the votes rather than a urine test.

Dear Baby Berry,
We are so excited to have you in our future,
and right now as you play around in mamma's belly.
Being a girl is so much fun!
Your daddy is so excited and has already been plotting
his threats to any boys who do you wrong.
You are going to be so pretty and have lots of pretty girl things
but daddy wants to make sure you know how to hunt and camp
and do all the Berry stuff...cuz after all, you ARE a Berry now.
Don't can still look cute while you do that, it's okay.
And mamma is excited to pass on her middle name to you.
This has been a tradition for 3, going on 4, generations.
You are so loved and we are excited to meet you
and your sweet personality.
I sit here waiting for you to make some sort of movement
that I can make out is you, but I will wait as long as it takes.
I've heard you can be pretty forceful in there as you run out of room,
so take your time making your stay known.
Just about 5 more sweet months until you are in our arms...
and can we please talk about the 22nd of June?
It would be pretty rad if you could be born on that day.
Just letting you know.
I'll explain when you get here.
Can't wait til you come out!
Your Mamma

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Boy or Girl?

The day is FAST approaching!
I can't believe it is right around the corner.
SOOOO excited! the top left corner of the blog is a poll...go cast your vote of what you think we are having.
Wow! This day is almost here.
          [p.s. don't forget to vote before 1/18 in the top left corner
           on what you think we are having! fun stuff!] 

Dear Baby Berry,
I hope you cooperate so we can start the planning!
If you are a girl I am so excited to dress you in the cutest dresses
and the cutest little hair bows
with the most adorable little flowers and bracelets and shoes.
To see your Dad wrapped around your little finger
because YOU are his Princess.
And if you are a boy to pass on the Berry name,
I am so excited to dress you in cute sweater vests for church
and little polos for the playground
and spike your hairs in little fauxhawks.
To picture you out in the yard throwing a football with your Dad
and him teaching you all you need to know about camping and hunting.
But mostly I am just so excited to be a mommy and hold you
and kiss you and cuddle you
and to know that you are the next step and continuation of an Eternal Berry Family.
We have been waiting for you and long for the day you are here in our arms.
Your Mom and Dad love you so much already.
Mommy and Daddy Berry

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Not-So-Normal Grapes

So...remember my post just earlier today...(see below)...well that purchase at Safeway included some grapes.
These are magical grapes.
Have you ever had grapes from Chile?
Have you ever had grapes infused with nectarine juices?
Let me just tell you....the most delicious grapes I've ever had.
I'm gonna go get some more!
Just sayin.
Well...this was a ridiculous post but I had to share it.
Thanks for readin!

Mrs. Berry

Over a year and a half married...
It still gets me everytime!

The other day I was checking out at Safeway and as the cashier pulled my receipt from the machine and read back how much I saved...I got a little excited! Yes, the savings were great...
But then the best part came....
"Thank you, Mrs. Berry. You have a great day."


I love the way that sounds.
Having that last name means one very awesome thing...
...That Mr. Berry is my husband.

This Mr. Berry is very berry [ :) ] handsome.

This Mr. Berry completes me.

This Mr. Berry loves me!

This Mr. Berry is PERFECT for ME!

This Mr. Berry is mine...forever...and ever!

This Mr. Berry is Nikolas James.
I just love it.
I love this!
I love HIM!!!

I love being Mrs. Berry!!!
Forever and Ever

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Salsa, Anyone??

Sometimes I make these posts more for myself to look back on than for your bare with me for a minute, please.

I heart Mexican food!
I love and crave chips and salsa on a regular basis (pre-pregnancy as well).
But one very sad thing has happened since I became pregnant...
No More Chips and Salsa (at least the Red Salsa). =[
Since I have been pregnant I have had Mexican food THREE times.
TWICE I had Red Chunky Salsa, the norm.
ONCE I have had the Green Salsa from Tia Rosa's.
TWICE I came home and shared all my food with the toilet bowl.
ONCE I didn't share one bite!
So....I have come to the conclusion
(because this never happened before in my life and really only one thing has changed)
that I cannot eat Red Chunky Salsa for the next 6 months...
unless I want to share again. 
But....I'm not much of the sharing least not voluntarily.
So much sadness has been brought to my belly as I came to this conclusion. 
Let me just say...
once this baby is here to hold and love and kiss and cuddle....
I'm chowin' down on some sushi and salsa! 
You better believe it!

Well, if you survived this brutally honest post, I need some help...
...The only Green Salsa places I know of are Gecko Grill (amazing) and Tia Rosa's (amazing) so let me know if you know of any others, please!!! I'd like to keep some sanity.