Monday, February 13, 2012

Updates - Cloth Diapers, Freezer Cooking, and Life

Let me share some of the new things in my life that bring a smile to my face. I love cloth diapers and freezer cooking. I love couponing and I love being a mom.

Cloth Diapers
After much research I discovered Cloth Diapers and all the benefits that come along with such an old technique. I always pictured Cloth Diapers (CD) as those white towel-thingy's that you fold with a safety pin and then cover with some plastic bloomers...but that is not what they are anymore. They are these adorable fabric prints with snaps or Velcro. Even though they look so cute and accentuate the bummie...I was still very hesitant to try them. A friend of mine made this post Going With Cloth and she made me think "maybe this isn't such a difficult and gross thing after all" and that was really the beginning. I searched for good deals because Cloth Diapers are quite the investment. I found this company - Just Simply Baby - and decided it was time to give it a try. They have the best prices around and their prints are so much cuter than the boring basic colors that some big name companies are doing and they are very similar to the brand BumGenius that I was looking into getting. This company also gives you a 30day Money Back Guarantee JUST IN CASE the CD stuff is not for everyone...although, from what I have read and who I know that uses CD's, if you have tried them, you love them and it then becomes really hard to go back to Disposable Diapers.

For our little family, it isn't much work and doesn't take much time. I will say that I was having a rough time a couple weeks ago with not being able to get all the smell out, but after switching up the Laundry Day Routine I have finally found what works and they no longer stink!! YAY!!!! I was about ready to give up but just the thought of having to go buy disposables at Walmart or Target, or wherever, and spending that extra money made me sick to my stomach. I am NOT doing CD's as a "way to go green" or any of that stuff...I am doing it because of the money saver.

I feel like I just dumped all my thoughts on you about Cloth if you have any questions...message me on FB or at

Freezer Cooking
Back in December I found a Pin on Pinterest that gave some recipes to make up and put in your freezer for later use. I talked my cousin, Arianna, into doing this with me and we had fun. The recipes were a flop but the concept was something we both loved. So, I hunted down some websites and found two awesome places...Once a Month Mom and What's Cooking, Chicago?

They have some amazing recipes and they are so simple. Arianna and I have been doing this for just over a month now and we see the benefits. Go check out my other blog DawnaDinners and you can read the full story and get some of the recipes that I have tried and loved.

Over the weekend Nik bought me my Valentines Gift/Tax Return Celebration/Smart Chest Freezer. We got it at Costco because that was the best deal in town. I am so excited to fill it with frugal finds....i.e. Milk when it is on sale, bread when on sale, Home Cooked Freezer Dinners, Tatum's home made baby food, and so much more. It just made sense to get it and savet that money in the long run.

Nik got a new job with GoDaddy and was able to quit his old job at QBE/BofA and Domino's. GoDaddy is a company he has wanted to work with for a while. He got the job 4 weeks ago and it is so nice to have him come home happy instead of grumpy. Nik does so much for our family because he loves us and he has always wanted me to be able to stay home with our children. He was working 3 jobs at one point for a few weeks and then dropped down to 2 jobs until last week and now just has 1 job and school.

I have picked up the new hobby/talent of Freezer Cooking. It sure is a lot of work for one day buy definitely pays off in the days that follow. I enjoy staying home with Tatum and I have many friends that come visit us. I have picked back up Couponing and love the savings! Arianna comes over and coupons with me and then we shop together and find the best deals. We are such a good team!

Tatum is 8.5 months old and has 6 pearly whites. She just barely started Army Crawling this last week and I'm sure she will be up on her knees in no time. She loves all her Veggies and her Fruits. She loves to play with other babies but sometimes she scares them because she gets so excited and shrieks. hahaha. She gives kisses on command and we are trying to teach her how to wave. She definitely lights up our world. I can't believe where I was 1 year ago and where I am now. Nik and I are so happy with our little family.