Saturday, October 29, 2011

Life As We Know It... better than any dream!

Tatum is now 5 months and is growing so fast! I love it!

I feel like my life is finally beginning to settle down. I get more sleep and I am understanding more of what she wants. My house is cleaner and I don't need as many naps anymore. She is happier and I am happier and Nik is just as happy as ever!

Here are some pictures of the last few months.

June 2011
Few Weeks Old
 -Still had to wake up every 3 hours to nurse her.
-Aunt Amy made the blue flower headband
-The I <3 DAD shirt was what I gave him to tell him I was pregnant.

July 2011
1 Month Old
 -Finally allowed to let her sleep through the night...and she did just that!
-Went swimming for the first time. Wasn't a fan when she was not holding onto someone.
-She loved dancing with her Daddy...inside Walgreens. haha
-Her and her Daddy are twins. The bottom right picture is them having fun at Red Robin.

August 2011
2 Months Old
 -She loves taking naps with her cuddly.

September 2011
3 Months Old
 -She didn't gain a single ounce all month so we switched to formula.
-Still napping with Daddy every chance she got.
-She started smiling for things other than the passing of gas :)
-She loved to nap on Nonnie (right there in the center) every time the family got together.
-She started using her Bumbo and that little chair has been AWESOME!
-She rolled over on my birthday!! That's all I wanted from her. haha

 September 2011
Labor Day Swim Party
 -I didn't get swim diapers for this one she wore a regular one 
and it was funny to see her big behind! haha
-She had so much fun and we all were loving it.

September 23-26, 2011
Oceanside, CA
(more pictures on the big camera will be uploaded soon)
-She had fun with her Berry family.
-The ocean was something she could watch all day.
-She was so exhausted from the day and after throwing a fit she fell asleep hardcore
(bottom right picture)
-Showing off her good looks with Auntie Amy's sunglasses
(bottom center picture)
-We walked all afternoon using the Moby Warp and it was AWESOME!
(bottom left picture. Thank you Gma Berry!)

October 2011
4 Months Old
-She keeps rolling over from her back to stomach. So fun!
-She makes raspberries with her lips and spits bubbles out while she's at it.
-She takes naps in her crib.
-She sleeps around 11 hours a night!
-She loves to grab anything and everything...and her favorites are my hair, my glasses, and my lips.
-She does little ab exercises in the bath and in her car seat and it is adorable!
-She can sit up a little better by herself when on your lap but not yet on her own. (if that makes sense)
-She jabbers all the time.
-She loves go to on walks in her stroller.
-She is smiling and laughing so much...and it just melts my heart.
-She has been wearing 6 months clothes for the last month and it makes me kinda sad.

Now that we are pretty much caught up, I hope to update this blog more often. 
Times have been hard being a new mom, I won't lie or try to deceive, but it has been so worth it! When she does something funny or learns something new or even smiles and laughs, that totally makes you forget the rough times when all she wanted to do was cry. She is getting so much better and more regular with her routines and I am so blessed. Being a mom is so fun! This is the best "job" I have ever had!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A message from Nik

Well, this is my first blog post.... ever. Seeing as how it's the berry family I felt I should probably give my two cents.

We are now living at Polytech campus, with a place to call our own finally
cockroaches and all.... (side tangent but i think i've killed like 50-100 in this place. it's like a genocide that won't stop)
But we get to enjoy our screaming baby all to ourselves! sure we take her out and share her but there is no joy quite like walking nose first into a door frame at 2 in the morning to go get your hungry hungry daughter.

I know everyone has there opinions but she is the cutest baby in the world.... when she's happy.

Well I take that back, even when she's not happy she's super cute. And even when she's screaming her head off! She tenses up and turns purple in the face and you can stand her up and she'll get even more pissed off. She looks like she's about to go Super-Sayan.

She's gotten to a stage where (according to Dawna... I've only seen it once) she'll be watching those Nick Toons where they ask the audience a question and blink twice like they're actually listening to you... and she'll giggle and dance and sing with them. The one time I was home in the morning to witness this, and it was super cute.

It's kinda sad that my little helpless bear cub that I could palm is now making my biceps hurt from holding her all day but I'm excited at the same time that my cute little girl that is passed out on my chest will someday be playing soccer and yelling out "Daddy!" when I get home.

It's been a hard few months where our alone time consists of passing out watching one and a half episodes of Lost after I get home from work and our date night has become "quick!, let's get something to eat while she's passed out!" but I can't describe how much more I love my wife Dawna and the love I have for my little Tayberry.

They are the loves of my life and I look forward to spending the rest of it making them happy.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Best Two Years

This post is a little delayed, but as you might pick up from my previous post....
my life has been a little crazy lately

June 10th was our Anniversary but since Tatum was going to be home from the NICU by then, Nik and I decided to celebrate a little early.
So on June 3rd we went to The Melting Pot and had a wonderful time together.

Here are some pictures from that evening.
 I love him!
 I think the blurriness comes from all the heat in that little booth.
Cuz yes, we are hott!!! 
Ok, and maybe something to do with that melting pot and all the steam.
 Yeah, kinda forgot to take a 'before' picture here.
The food is too good to last long enough for a picture.
 One happy little wife and new mamma!
 Our waiter asked what we were celebrating so we told him our anniversary and new baby.
When it came time for dessert, he brought out this little dish.
So sweet!
 Gosh! Every part of the meal is amazing...and I made sure to capture this before it was gone!
Happy 2nd Anniversary!
Couldn't have asked for a better person to spend my life with.

Here is to many many MANY more celebrations!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tatum's Story

Let's get one thing clear:
Due Date: June 24, 2011
Birthday: May 25, 2011
Big Surprise

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It started on May 24th. I was getting ready to go grocery shopping and was just about to head out the door when I decided to check Facebook real quick. My friend, Nichole Q, said she needed a babysitter for the afternoon so she could run some errands. I decided it would be a good way to earn a few bucks and then I could go grocery shopping after. Funny thing is Nichole asked me how long I could stay and I responded with "All day. Heck, all I gotta do nowadays is bake this baby." (oh gosh, shouldn't have said that.) So I headed on over there at 11:45am. I needed to stop at our storage unit on my way to grab a few things. I got there at 12:15pm and grabbed my items. The manager came out to talk with me and made a comment about how big I was. I told him I wasn't due for another month. His eyes got big and he told me good luck. I finished lifting the boxes back into the unit and left for Nichole's house.

I got to Nichole's around 12:30pm and she gave me the low down on when the other kids were going to be home and what the little one was up to. She finally left the house around 12:40pm. I sat at the computer with the little one as she played some computer games. I decided I was thirsty so I got up to get a drink and...that's when it water broke!! I freaked out. Weird feeling! I ran softly to my purse to grab my phone and call Nichole. She wasn't even gone 10 minutes when I was crying and telling her to come get me. She rushed back home, took her daughter to the neighbor, and then took me to Banner Gateway. I called Nik but he didn't answer (I figured as much because he was at work) and then I called my mom.

I was so scared. She was only 35weeks and 4days along. She was not suppose to arrive for another month! I didn't have anything ready. No bags packed. No crib set up. No maternity pictures taken or labor/delivery classes attended. Nothing.

Nichole stayed with me while I was getting admitted until Nik showed up. I had sent him a few texts to let him know my water broke, that we were having this baby now, and that he needed to get down here as soon as possible. He got to the hospital faster than I thought and at that time Nichole left to go back home. My grandma and grandpa showed up, as they live half a mile from the hospital, and gave me words of encouragement as I was still kind of freaking out. They are awesome.

I was then taken into my delivery room where they checked me and I was only dilated to 1cm and 0% effaced. They gave me some medication to soften things up and get things going but no Pitocin to induce labor. The nurses wanted to me try on my own and then after 18 hours if nothing had progressed they would induce my labor.

Family stopped by to see me. All my family and Nik’s family were so supportive and loving. Amy played some Blokus with me to try and get my mind distracted from the pain. Other family watched my favorite movies on TV with me and Nik was a great husband rubbing my back when I was having contractions.

By 8pm I couldn’t take the pain any longer. The contractions were getting stronger but I didn’t want an epidural just yet. I was not ready to give up my mobility when sitting on the bouncy ball was the most comfortable position for me. I don’t remember what the nurses gave me…but it was a miracle worker for a while. I remember the nurse screwing the medicine tube onto my IV and injecting it but then I conked out right away. I don’t even remember her unscrewing the tube. I was asleep! It was marvelous! I no longer was thinking about the pain or my hunger. (Heck, I hadn’t eaten since 10am that morning! I was starving!)

At 10pm I had had enough with the contractions and that previous medication wasn’t working anymore. I had everyone go home and then I received my epidural. That thing was nice…for a little bit and then the pain was coming back even harder. I was still dilated to a 1cm and decided to get some sleep because she obviously wasn’t going to come for a while.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Nik laid on the little sofa sleeper and I was curled up in a ball in my bed. Hours went by and I tried to tolerate the pain. The nurse came in at 1am to see if I had made any progress. I was dilated to 2cm at that point. I went back to sleep for a few more hours. Nik’s snoring wass comforting as I slept and then to hear my baby’s heartbeat on the monitor…that just made my night. It was so nice hearing both of them and knowing what a happy family we were about to become.

At 3am the nurse came in again to give me more medication and checked if I was progressing any more. I was then at a 4cm. The pain was getting worse and worse and I couldn’t lay there alone while Nik was across the room. I had him sit in the rocker next to me and hold my hand. That worked for a little bit and I got some more rest.

Two more hours had passed and 5am arrived. I called the nurse in for more medication because the pain became so intense I was in tears. She checked and said “It makes sense, you are at a 10. You are ready to push.” Nik popped straight up and was wide awake. I was freaking out because, well, I had never done this before. I was about to have our baby. Nik texted our immediate family to let them know so they could come down to the waiting room until she had arrived. The nurse called Dr. Beck and then I started pushing. Dr. Beck showed up about 20 minutes later for a brief second. He left the room as the nurse kept helping me. Nik was a trooper staying right there holding my hand and brushing my hair and giving me words of encouragement. He was great!

Around 5:40am Dr. Beck showed back up and helped with the last couple pushes.

She arrived at 5:48am on May 25th weighing in at 6lbs and 19.5inches long. Nik cut her cord and she was swept away to get cleaned up.

Now because she was a month early her little lungs were not up to par. They were still wet and she had a hard time keeping them inflated while grunting and trying to use her stomach muscles, which is not what she was suppose to be doing. They brought her over to me for some loving in hopes that would help her calm down but after 10 minutes there was still no change. The nurses took her to the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and that was the last I saw of her until that evening. I was the only one that was able to hold her and because it was so brief, it all felt like a dream.

While I was laboring I kept thinking about names. I really really really liked the name Ayrika since I was in Jr High and always wanted to name my first daughter Ayrika Genette (Genette is my middle name), but for some reason Tatum just kept popping up. I couldn’t think about Ayrika long enough to even spell it in my head without the name Tatum creeping in. I would try to think of other names that Nik and I agreed on but Tatum was the only one that would linger. Once she was born I told Nik this and we agreed her name should be Tatum Genette Berry. It just felt so right and we were so happy. We know she will always have to spell her name because it is different, but Nikolas and I both had to our whole lives and you know what, it made for great conversations sometimes. So either way with Ayrika (Erika) or Tatum she would have to spell it. Makes life fun, right?!

That night I was able to walk down to the NICU and see her. She had machines on her and all I could do was touch her. It was difficult to see her in that state but I must say that we were blessed that all we had to worry about were her lungs developing and nothing worse.

Our families had come back that evening to see how we were doing. We were able to take them in to see Tatum just one at a time. Definitely not how I had imagined my hospital stay with our baby. I had always dreamed of having visitors and friends come by and see us. I had a few friends ask if they could but since all I wanted was sleep and they couldn’t even see Tatum, I declined the offers, as generous as they were.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dr. Beck came in to check on me and then I went to check on Tatum. She had made a little progress with her C-Pap machine but she still had to wear it to help her breathe and keep the right amount of oxygen in her blood. She also had an IV with antibiotics. In an x-ray they found a fuzzy spot in her right lung that looked like it could be pneumonia but they weren’t sure because all other signs that would point towards pneumonia were not present, but to be on the safe side they gave her the antibiotics anyways. I was fine with that, better safe than sorry. She was to be on the meds for 7 days…which meant she wouldn’t be coming home until after she finished the 7 days. That was a little hard for me to handle but the nurses were kind and made me feel more comfortable. Nobody plans on seeing the inside of a NICU. It was rough. I shed a few tears because that wasn’t how I wanted to see my baby. I wanted to see her in a cradle next to my bed. I wanted to see her pretty little face without the mask. But nevertheless, this is the hand we were dealt and I was glad it wasn’t worse.

Family stopped by here and there. My mom came over to keep me company because Nik went back to work that day. So when she wasn’t with me I was either sleeping or eating the wonderful feast from the cafeteria…and no, there is not sarcasm in that sentence. I loved the food and miss it dearly. Have you tried their carrot cake?! I’m not the biggest fan but theirs is the best I have ever had. Do you think they will do my birthday cake for me in September? I should start asking now and plant some catering seeds in their head, right?! I’d say so!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Dr. Beck showed up first thing in the morning again to see how I was doing. I was actually doing very well…as long as I had my medication nearby. I went and checked on Tatum after I ate my breakfast feast. She was off the C-Pap machine and now just on the oxygen tubes that were connected to the wall. She made a great improvement over night and I was so happy! Tatum’s nurse, Denise, said that we could have some Kangaroo Time (skin-to-skin) at 2pm. I was so excited! Studies have shown that babies that have skin-to-skin time with their mothers have a shorter stay in the NICU. It helps out the baby and the mother.

At 2pm I showed up for her feeding and for the Kangaroo Time. It was wonderful to hold her again! I laid in the chair with her on my chest and we both fell asleep until 5pm. I felt so much better about the whole situation because I knew it was benefiting the both of us.

I was discharged that night after her 8pm feeding. Nik was able to help with that, holding her for the first time since she was born. He changed her diaper, fed and burped her the best he could. I say the best he could because she kept falling asleep in his arms. Don’t blame her, he is one heck of a cuddler. Leaving the hospital that night without her was rough. I cried for a good portion of the night while Nik held me close. He was such a big help and comforted me through all my tears.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

I went down to the hospital at 11am for that feeding. She had jaundice and needed a Bili-light but I still changed her diaper, fed and burped her and then I went to my grandparent’s house for my lunch. Grandma was nice and made me lunch every day that I showed up. At 2pm I went back for her feeding and Kangaroo Time. We napped together under the Bili-light until her 5pm feeding and after I helped with that feeding I left to go home. Man, being under that light was so hot, but I got a nice tan! NOT!

"My future is so bright I gotta wear my shades!"

Sunday, May 29, 2011

When I arrived at the hospital Tatum had shown some big signs of improvement but still needed a little bit of oxygen to help her out. Her nurse, Denise, was hoping that during Kangaroo Time that day we could wean her off the oxygen. At 2pm we did our Kangaroo Time and when I woke up at 5pm Denise had told me they cut off the oxygen at 3:45pm while we were asleep and that she has been breathing on her own ever since. Tears came from my eyes as I saw a light at the end of the tunnel! I was skipping for joy as I left the hospital because all that needed to happen now was for Tatum to finish off the 7 days of antibiotics and then she could be discharged Wednesday, June 1st. I was excited!



Monday, May 30, 2011

Nik and I headed down to the hospital at 11am for her feeding and then for my Kangaroo Time with Tatum. Nik dropped me off and he hung out at my grandparent’s house until 2pm when it was time to pick me up. We tried breastfeeding for the first time and she did great! We couldn’t do it before because of her oxygen tubes. Kangaroo Time was awesome and then it was time to go to lunch. Nik picked me up and we headed back to my grandparent’s house for lunch. At 5pm we were able to go back to the hospital for Nik to have some Kangaroo Time with Tatum. He sat in one chair while I sat in another chair. He loved it and I loved it too. It was so sweet to see him holding her and to see her so comfortable in his arms. My heart just melted.

Then after their Kangaroo Time was up the Doctor came in to give us an update on how Tatum was doing. Last night was her first night without the oxygen and she ended up having another little bump in the road. She had a little Apnea issue where her heart rate slowed way down and her oxygen level had dropped. Because a nurse had to go in and stimulate her heart back up to normal they had to count that and keep her for another 5 days. It broke my heart. If she had brought her heart rate back to normal on her own they wouldn’t have dinged her but because she didn’t and she needed the help of a nurse they wanted to keep her a little longer to make sure it didn’t happen again. Of course I was sad but I was also glad that it happened while she was there and being monitored instead of happening at home and not knowing what the outcome would have been. Again, so blessed for modern medicine and being able to catch this early. So now, instead of our wishful discharge day of Wednesday…it then became Saturday. Yes, more time to prepare for her at home but definitely not the pretty picture I had always dreamed of.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

No big changes here because all that is left is finishing off the antibiotics and then waiting out the extra 5 days until she can come home.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tatum is now a week old and finally free of all machinery and tubes! I arrived at the hospital and was smiling from ear to ear. This was going to be a wonderful day. I stayed for her feeding and Kangaroo Time and then left for home. I was able to give her a bath while there and put her in some clothes. She still had monitors hooked up to her but no IV or breathing tubes.

Let's jump to
Saturday June 4, 2011

I only jump ahead because the previous 2 days were the same story. Because there is nothing to improve on and we just have to wait, there isn’t much of a story.

Anyways…Saturday morning rolled around I called the NICU as soon as I woke up at 6am. I needed to make sure that nothing happened over night to keep her any longer. They said she was good to go and that she would be sent home as soon as the Doctor made her rounds and cleared her. So I went back to be, although I couldn’t sleep that well, and got up at 8am to get ready. Nik and I left for the hospital around 11am to make her last feeding. Up to this point whenever I have been there for her feeding we have been able to breastfeed and she is a champ! People say that once they have a bottle nipple they have nipple confusion and can’t breastfeed. Not the case over with this Berry family! We are troopers!!

 This was her outfit to go home in.
Her Auntie Carrot made it for her.

So Nik and I sat around for another hour after her feeding waiting for the Doctor to arrive. As soon as we heard the Doctor we ripped open our curtains to make sure she knew we were there waiting! She came over and took off her monitors, gave us some advice, and then said we could take her home! Denise, her nurse that has been with her all but 2 days, gave us our discharge instructions, I signed some papers, and then we put her in her car seat and left the building! It was so wonderful to walk out of the door with Nik carrying Tatum in her car seat in one hand and my hand in the other! This is the way life is supposed to be. I couldn’t have been any happier in that moment.

 Grabbing a picture with her awesome nurse, Denise, before we left!

We took her to the families to visit and then we went home. It was quite the day and we were all exhausted.
Tatum did a pretty decent job at home in her cradle that first night…considering the fact her environment was completely different that was she was used to. In the NICU it was constant lights and noise and here in our room it was silence and darkness. She was up and fussy and crying for a good portion of the night but that was all to be expected. This is all new for us as we get into a better routine.

Monday, June 6, 2011 

Tatum saw her Pediatrician and she said that Tatum looks great for her being a preemie. Tatum is in the 10th percentile for her height and weight, but that was to be expected. We have another follow-up appointment for next Tuesday.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tatum was given her first bath at home. She wasn't a happy camper but we had to do it anyways. Hopefully she will warm up to it and like it in the future. But goodness...she was awful cute wrapped up in that little towel.

The days that followed have been wonderful. I am trying to do better with Becoming Baby Wise. It sure is a difficult one but I’m trying to be confident it will pay off in a few short weeks. Nik is awesome at being supportive and helpful when I need it most. And Tatum is great at making us smile.

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Last Seventeen Days...And Today.

Today Nik and I celebrate our 2nd Anniversary.
I would go into detail about where we went to dinner and all our reminiscing but then I would be going out of order.
I need to catch you up on what happened SEVENTEEN(17) days ago!

It started out like this...

...and continued to this.

I will post more...but I need to do it in order.
Next...Tatum's Story.
After that...Our Anniversary

Life couldn't get any better than this!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Remember Bartok?

My little blog post about that cute (if that is what you wanna call him) little character
And his wonderful skillz.

Well as of lately, I don't have to lay real still 
And hold my breath
Or even turn off the music
(references to that post above.
go back and read it.
made me laugh.
and the video is pretty cute too.)

The last week I have been in little pains here and there
And I finally found out why.
I was reading in my What To Expect book
And at 33 weeks (which is what I was at last week)
Said this:
Your Baby in Week 33 of Pregnancy
Your baby is still gaining weight (about half a pound a week), and she could grow up to another full inch this week. With that much baby inside your uterus, your amniotic-fluid level has maxed out, which explains why some of her pokes and kicks feel pretty sharp these days. (There's less fluid to cushion the blows.) Antibodies are being passed from you to your little one as she continues to develop her own fetal immune system, which will come in handy once she's outside the womb and fending off all sorts of germs. 

It makes sense!
All this uncomfortableness wasn't just in my head.
I now understand why women just want the baby out
In the last month of pregnancy.
Before I was this far along
I kept saying to myself
"Ah, this is fun, and I'm not sure I want her out just yet."
Well....I now see.
Yes, this has been a fun experience and I wouldn't trade it for anything
But if she could wait to practice her gymnastics
And soccer skills until after she leaves the womb
That would be really nice of her!

It HAS been really fun watching my belly take on different shapes
As she sticks her bum/head (not sure which) out to one side.
She particularly likes my right side.
Maybe that is because I lay on my left side
Or because she knows my bad rib is on the right side
And she thinks she is pretty funny!
But whatever her reason, it IS pretty cute
And fun!
I love to see her whole back pressed to one side
And then I rub her back with my hand.
It makes it feel so real to be a mom.
And to see how little her body is.
This is so cool!
I love this!
She is so cute
And I can't wait to see her.

I have loved all this personal time with her
And am getting anxious to see Nik hold her
And love her,
And give HER raspberries on HER belly.

They already have a sweet relationship.
(I say that semi-sarcastically and semi-seriously)
Last week Nik was being a goof and we were joking around together.
I made the comment
"You better be careful,
Because she has a good kick too
And you just might get one!"
So I pushed my big belly up to his like we were hugging
And after about 15 seconds
She kicked him!!
It was SO funny.
We couldn't stop laughing.
She is already quite the character, just like her dad!

Dear Baby Berry,
Just thought I should let you know that we are so excited to meet you.
Not only but also your grandma and grandpa on both sides.
And your aunts and uncles too!
Oh, and pretty much everyone else that is related to you!
Auntie Amy wrote this on our Facebook wall
And I told her I would get the message to you...
dear baby girl,
get here now! I'm ready to play!
love always and forever,
Auntie Amy
Mother's Day was awesome!
Last Sunday I was able to celebrate AS a Mother
And I hope that I am everything you need me to be.
We celebrated with the Berry Family this year.
(you'll love them!
their funny stories,
their laughs,
their hugs,
and their delicious food!)
Everyone was wanting to feel you kick or move.
Lots felt your little rump poking out my right side
But that was about it.
For some reason, 
I guess it makes sense,
You like to fall right to sleep after eating.
You go into a little Food Coma
(or that is what I call it.)
And it makes me laugh.
I have loved watching you change
And grow and prepare for this life ahead of you.
Your Mommy and Daddy love you,
You are our "little jewel" and we couldn't be happier!

Mom and Dad

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Nifty Fifty and Bibs

I can't even believe it!
I have 55 days left.
Well, no more than 55 days.
This little angel will be here on June 22nd,
At the LATEST!
I can't believe it!

It has been so fun this last week or so with her getting bigger.
(yes, I might take back that statement in a month,
but for now I am saying it.)
It just makes it all the more real
To feel her push her rump or head or body
(something big and round)
into my side or up to my ribs.
It is so fascinating,
To know that she is growing and growing
And will be here before we know it!
It is fun to watch my belly move in waves
or get REALLY lopsided as she huddles in a corner.
She is so fun already!
This has been one amazing and fun experience.
I love her.
We love her.
Nik is always trying to touch my belly and annoy her
By pushing hard while wiggling his fingers
So he can get her to kick back.
It is fun!
And she usually does kick back,
Now that she is running out of room 
And her dad is crowding her space.
haha...All I can do is laugh.
I love them both!
Soooo so much!

But as I write about her...
I need to share a conversation I had with my friend,
On Facebook.

I posted a link to ANOTHER blog post on my page and this was our conversation.
Melissa: crankin' out the blog posts lately.
Me: yep! just to make up for when I don't blog enough in the future. =]
Melissa: oh you'll better!! off your baby
Me: I feel like that is all I talk about right now...pregnancy. but i is a big part of my boring life.  

Well brings me to what Nik and I found
While registering at Target.
We both got a pretty good laugh out of this one!
Well, Melissa, looks like she already IS the star of my blog
And I guess I better keep it that way!!!
You'll see plenty of posts when she is here.

Monday, April 25, 2011

My First Quilt. Her First Quilt.

I did it!
I used a sewing machine for the first time
And made a quilt for my Little Jewel.

The only down side to having this quilt for her...
....I wanna wrap her up in it
I hold it so tight picturing her in the middle.
I love it
I love her
I love life!

I took this class at Scrapbooks, Etc.
Love that place!
They have fabric and scrapbook supplies.
It is awesome!

The class was Friday night.
Started at 5pm and lasted until 11:30pm.
Let me tell ya....that went FAST!

When I got to class the instructor explained how to make the quilt.
The first step was to make the X's in the squares to bind all 3 layers
And then to sew the squares into rows and the rows into a blanket.

Well, I am a bit OCD about some things.
Especially permanent things I make.
So I spent the first HOUR drawing X's with a straight edge ruler
Onto the top layer so everything would be perfect.
Little did I know.... is much harder for an inexperienced sewer to sew straight lines.
So that HOUR was wasted.
No straight lines
But I love it!

I spent an hour or two cutting the fabric
Then from 5-11:30pm sewing.
Went home and showed Nik the unfinished quilt.
I still had some energy and was on a roll...
so I pulled out my machine again and sewed from Midnight to 1am.
After that, Nik and I went to bed.
The next morning I spent 3+hours cutting the edges to make it raggedy.
Washed it a few times...
....and this is what I got!
(and you can't forget the 2+hours I spent trying to pick out the fabric
while my Grandma Allred was ever-so patient with me.
Just a LITTLE indecisive sometimes.)

Look Ma, I can sew!!!

My Little Jewel's first quilt!




And then here are some pictures of me the same day.
Haven't had any belly pictures in a while
So I figured it was time.

 31 weeks 3 days.

 Dear Baby Berry,
I hope you love the quilt I made for you.
You dad and I love it.
It was made with you in mind
And I can't wait to wrap you up inside it.
Or to take you to the park and let you play on it.
You are getting so big and time left is getting so small.
I love how you kick and move so much more every day
Even when it hurts me.
You get the hiccups at least once a day
And last night your Gma and Gpa Berry got to feel them
And so did your Auntie Amy.
I know you might not have liked the hiccups all that much
Because sometimes they do hurt
But it was fun to feel each little one.
And it is fun to feel you wrestle around trying to get rid of them.
Your dad gets hiccups bad too,
So you aren't alone in that aspect.
I just want you to know that
I love knowing that you are my little girl and I am your mommy!
That your daddy is so excited to make you laugh
With raspberries on YOUR stomach.
Oh, and can't forget about next Easter.
Gma Berry is excited to have another little one decorating eggs.
Your Uncle Sam and your daddy are good at it.
They can show you are the cool tricks.
And the Easter egg hunt at Nanu's is a BIG DEAL... we will need to get you some good running shoes!
We need to be the first to find the Purple Polka Dotted egg, k?
Then we win!
Just giving you a heads-up on the awesome family you have!
Everyone is so excited to meet you in 8ish short weeks!