Monday, November 29, 2010

Call Me A Baby...

...But I just cannot help but tear up everytime I see this picture.
(which is probably means it's not a good idea to make it my desktop.)

It means so much to me to see all these people that love and support us.
To know that the man I am kissing is the man I get to keep for the rest of my life.
To know that he makes me so happy.
To know that half of these people I inherited with this marriage
And they are wonderful to me.
To know that THIS is love, life, and happiness!

This was the happiest day of my far...
....another to come this summer!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lower Back Pains

So I have been having some pains in my butt/tail bone/lower back area.
It hurts when I walk up steps.
It hurts when I stand on one leg to put the other leg in my pants.
It hurts when I try to get off the couch or out of the car or out of bed.
It hurts when I try to roll over in bed.

I'm not sure what is going on. I've done a little research but don't want to be overreacting if I'm wrong.
The symptoms say it is Symphysis Pubis Disfunction.
What the heck is that??
I am not sure what to do but I am in constant pain when moving.
I think I will call my doctor and see if there is anything they can prescribe, other than Tylenol, because that doesn't seem to be working.

Hope this goes away or gets better soon!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Coming Soon to a Couple Near You - June 24 2011

Yep, this is REALLY happening!
We are going to be parents around June 24th, 2011
(although I want to have it on the 22nd)

All the families know and are excited.
My mom and dad teared up,
My Mother-In-Law almost fainted,
And all my sisters screamed, Amy included!
Oh, and can't forget our brother, Sam,
who is excited to be Uncle Sam soon.
It was a shock to everyone but we are Soooo Happy!

Newlywed Graduates!

June 10, 2010
This is long overdue....
but made possible with the faster internet now.
In California our internet was too slow to do any pictures on our blog,
so that is why there is a huge space between posts.

This has been one crazy fun year of marriage.
We have lived in
Provo, UT
San Diego, CA
and loved each experience in its own separate way.

Now it is time for our First Anniversary
so we got work off to head over to
We were both so excited because the last time I went to Disneyland I was 8 and Nik's last time he was 18.
This was MUCH overdue....
and came at a perfect time for living 90 minutes away from the park at the time.
Here are some pictures I can FINALLY load up with the faster internet.

Welcome to Disneyland, ya Lovebirds!

In front of Splash Mountain.
We did this one twice.
Loved it.
Pictures below.

Don't know why this is sideways

I love him!

This was our delicious lunch
And our waiter snuck into the picture
It was so good!
We stuffed our faces and didn't have to eat for the rest of the day.


OMGoodness! It was sooooooOOOOooooO Good!

On the Matterhorn.
First time on this ride because when I went at 8yrs old,
some guy fell off of the ride just prior to our visit,
so it was down for construction.
I WAS a little nervous to ride it.

1st ride.
Made him go first because I didn't want to fall out.

Nik and I waited a little longer than 2 hours to get the front seats.
(don't mind my goofy face)

Our last ride of the day.....
But then I wanted to go on it again right away.
It was amazing.

Well, that sums up our trip. It was so fun.
I love this man and the fun times we have together.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


So I was at work yesterday with these new clients. We are writing some new business and enjoying each others company. They had just celebrated 50 years together and were telling me about their lives and how much they treasure their four children, who have now given them grandchildren and greatgrandchildren.

The husband said that those years of raising their children were the best years of their lives. I don't hear this very much from parents nowadays. I have been hearing a lot of "these were the mistakes we wish we could take back" or "hold off as long as you can until you get some common sense not to" or "boy, did we wish this never happened."
Yes, times are rough,
 things are going to be hard,
 and life will forever be unknown....
(Nik is much better at this than I am.)
You are still alive
and you are still alive, right?
But didn't things happen that changed everything?
I guess one way to make yourself miserable
is to make everyone else happy.
(ok, enough ventation, Dawna)

These all make me sad even though sometimes it might look as if they were just joking, I don't know that.
I don't know if you are joking or serious. I hear this stuff more than the happy stuff.

I will say that a friend posted on FB "I love when my little girl falls asleep in my arms. Motherhood is the greatest gift of all." This made me SO happy!
Motherhood IS a blessing, a hard never-ending job, but a joy as well. I am excited for take on this new role.
And Nik can't wait to be a father. Whether it's a boy to throw a ball with or a girl to treat her like a princess (although he says she is going to be one cute tomboy. lol).

Well, back to the old man. As he was talking about his children he said
"So I take it you have kids, (paused), or you will be soon?" (as he pointed towards my stomach.)
I was thrown back.
WHAT did you just say?!?!
I was trying to suck in as much as I could but I guess sitting down really emphasizes everything.
Luckily I could tell him that "Yes, we are expecting our first."
But still, he was LUCKY!
It could very well have just been some weight for the winter.
But oh well, guess this cat has to come out of its bag sooner or later.
When I stand you can't really tell, and I have been trying to wear shirts that flow, but let's just be realistic - Nik and I really can't keep this secret in much longer.
Okay, maybe just me....but I'm sure he's dying to say something too.

So, with Thanksgiving right is perfect because we wanted to say something at this holiday of Thankfulness (a word? it is now) and everything seems to be going well. I will be 10 weeks....and we think this is good enough, especially since all our family will be here at one gathering, it couldn't be better.
(except for Caren and Gma and Gpa Allred....we'll just have to Skype them)

OH....And I'm always exhausted! I went to bed at 8:30 last night and slept til 5:30.
I hear I better catch up on these hours for they quickly dwindle when Lil Berry arrives.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Allred/Berry Family Pictures

My awesome friend
took our Family Pictures this weekend
and here is a sneak at what she did.
(p.s. - last time we took Family Pics Hannah was a newborn
...8 years ago!
About time?
I'd say so!)

I love my family.
More to come.
Thanks Andrea!

Here is her info if you are interested...
...and you SHOULD be!
Contact her.
You won't regret it!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Let The Games Begin - 9 weeks

NAUSEA: a stomach distress with distaste for food and an urge to vomit.

Do you know what is causing said Nausea right now?

This little RASPBERRY in my belly!

Well that raspberry is graduating to a green olive (which REALLY makes me vomit) this coming week.

It just amazes me that something so small and so wonderful can be so painful and life changing…
and it hasn’t even shown itself to the world.

Nik is so wonderful and he is trying his best everyday to make me comfortable. I appreciate the fact that he does NOT say “I know how you feel” because he doesn’t. He just tries to make things better for me…running and getting me my crackers or a fresh glass of water and then rubbing my back. I am so blessed to have him with me on this journey.

My doctor gave me some meds that are suppose to help ease the nausea.
Getting that prescription filled as I type!

Oh, and it was the most precious thing, yesterday, to see Lil Berry’s heart beating. How crazy is it that a little being about 1inch in length has a little heart and it BEATS?!?! Seriously!
And people say it isn't a human yet!?! Now, THAT is sick!
The sound of the 160 beats per minute is just breath-taking…to know that some little human is growing inside me and I am responsible for him/her right now BEFORE s/he is even born by eating right and getting good rest and taking the proper vitamins. This is all just so amazing to me. I still lie awake at night and can’t believe this is possible.

The doctor said Lil Berry has a very strong heart beat and that the chances for miscarriage right now are about 2-3%. This is one thing that has been stressing me – hoping it doesn’t happen. Yes, if it happened it was meant to be, but I have seen friends go through those struggles and I can’t imagine the pain.

We are so excited to tell our friends and families next month.
It sure has been hard keeping it a secret and having to fib when people ask.
(It's funny to think I am blogging all about this and it is JUST for me right now,
but I type it as though you are following along right now.
A little therapy, you could call it.) 

I am 9 weeks right now and in my 3rd month. That is so weird to think about.

Well, that is what is new with us. Nik keeps telling me that because of all the pain I am having now, this child is going to be an angel. I sure hope so! ;-)

(P.S.Sorry if this is so scatter-brained...
I am having a hard time thinking straight right now.
Lil Berry's brain is growing right now, stealing mine.
Plus, Fatigue, Nausea, and early mornings are rough.)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Emotional Much?!?!


Can I just say I, Myself, am sick of this!

I cry over anything in an instant.

Nik and I were talking about some major changes coming up this month
and it was just overwhelming.
Nothing we haven't prayed about or can handle....
I just got majorly overwhelmed.
I couldn't take it.
I got off the phone with him and just started crying.


I don't know.
I am just overwhelmed and don't know what to do with myself.

I called my mom during lunch and just bawled.
Couldn't give her a reason why; just bawled.
She felt bad but kinda snickered with a grin - that these are my major hormones going crazy.
The little Berry in my belly is taking control!
I know that. I need to control it.
At least I haven't taken this out on anyone yet.

And you know what else is pants.
Can't fit in them and I'm only in my 8th week.
The doctor will confirm how far along I am next week in my appointment
but for right now...
I am a rubberband girl.
I'm beginning to like dresses more and more.

Oh....AND....I can't enjoy frozen foods.
I use to go to Jamba Juice 2 or 3 times a week and get an Ideal Meal for breakfast.
[Can't tell me this doesn't look AMAZING!]
(Especially with the little smiley banana)

Well it isn't anymore.
My tastebuds don't like it.
It isn't like it is nasty....I just can't taste it.
So I haven't had one for about 2 weeks but this morning I decided I would give it a try again
it was a fluke.
Not good.
Makes me sad but my wallet will be happy.
It wasn't expensive because I am a cool person that has a 20% off key card.
But yeah, weird huh??

Not a fan.

Well, as you read from the previous post...NIK HAS A JOB!
So next month we hope to move out from his parent's house and into our
own place.

Ok....I'm done being an emotional wreck. I just want to sleep now.

Friday, November 5, 2010

In HIS Time

This has been a hard concept for me to comprehend. Patience hasn’t been one of my best qualities. I thought I did great while waiting for Nik. Of course I had my ups and downs but I survived those two years. I did it. We made it. But looking back at that….I wouldn’t really call that Patience. I would just call that “waiting” just like a pregnant lady….let me explain.

When Nik left, I knew when he would be back…just like a pregnant lady has an estimated due date. There is something to look forward to. I thought I would be perfect as a pregnant lady (in the future) because HECK that is only 9 months, not 24. I might be perfect at it…but I wouldn’t call it patience.

To me…patience is waiting for something to happen and not knowing when that might be. Now THIS is very hard for me. I have a HARD time not knowing. Ask my mom (or Nik, as I shared this with him on our first date) about my first Disneyland experience. I was NOT about to wait an unknown number of hours to find out where we were going. Not gonna happen!

Well these last 3 months my patience was tested to the max. Let me explain….Nik and I have been married for 1.5 years and this whole time we have made many choices with Prayer and Faith. We got married 6 short weeks after he returned home from his mission and then the day after our reception we moved to Utah where I had a job but Nik did not. We didn’t know anybody except my aunt who lived 30 minutes south and Nik’s great-aunt who lived 45 minutes north. So…we were pretty much flyin solo in good ol’ Provo. Although that was a difficult 10 months away from what we were comfortable with in Mesa, we felt we needed to experience it and are so grateful we did. Nik was able to get a job 1 week after arriving.

Then we heard of this opportunity in San Diego selling pest control. That was another experience that helped us grow. I was able to work with the same company there with Nik, so we were both employed. It was awesome to live there for a few months. After 2.5 months there, my old boss from Mesa called me to let me know she needed me NOW but Nik still had 5 weeks left in his contract in San Diego. We decided I needed to go home to AZ without him to be able to keep the job I loved and we needed. (so, if I lost you, we married in AZ, moved to UT for 10 months and then to CA for a few months, then back to AZ).

After being apart for 5 weeks while Nik was in CA and me in AZ, he was finally able to join me and we moved in with his parents house. They are so kind, generous, and they love us. I am so thankful for them and their hospitality, also for his dad giving him work while finding a job. We have been living with them since August and we are so blessed. Well, Nik had been applying everywhere for any sort of job. He focused on Bank of America as they have great benefits and pay. One of the positions he applied for actually did a phone interview and then a real in-person interview with him. Even though he interviewed, he kept applying for more positions with BofA. Well, he kept getting emails back denying him a position but they weren’t specific as to which position he was denied. So I thought a few times those were from the interviewed position. But then they would send him a request to do a background check…and then I got my hopes up again. And THEN we would get more denied emails. And I got so sad. That position looked so promising! For some reason, Nik has always been better at keeping his chin up and positive. (I think that is why we were meant for each other….so I could grow.) Well after we were suppose to hear back from that interview after a week… was 3 or 4 weeks and THEN we heard back….AND HE GOT THE JOB!!! He got it! And Nik just said “I told you we would be okay.” Yes, yes he did…but I just have a hard time. WHEN? When was he going to get a job? There was no timeline or expiration date. This has been hard but such a blessing to move forward with Faith.

Okay, I had to take a break from this I'm sure you did IF you are still reading let me just make this short-ish story shorter.

I love my Heavenly Father and His plan. He keeps putting things in my path to help me grow with Patience, but I usually just give up. Maybe I don't even give up, I just complain. I might not even complain, I just get really sour about everything. My wonderful husband is a sweet man because he puts up with me when he is so strong in this. And my Heavenly Father is wonderful because He KNOWS I can do hard things...He will never give me a task He knows I cannot handle.

Like I said earlier....I believe that is one of the many reasons Nik and I were meant for each other. I wouldn't say we are complete opposites, because we aren't, but there are many things we are opposite in.
He like the crust of the brownies, I like the inside. PERFECT!
He like the crunchy cookies, I like the soft...sometimes not so perfect.
(only in the sense that I get all my cookies to myself).
He is always warm and I am always cold. THE BEST!
We are both picky eaters but about different food usually never goes to waste.
I could go on...but the most important on, and the reason for this blog is
He likes to live each day in itself and I can't help but look forward and wonder...
which then makes it difficult to have patience.
I love him and my Heavenly Father, who has the plan set out for me...and probably gets a good laugh every now and then over my ridiculousness.

Well, enough. This was extremely long. Thank you.

Oh, and Nik starts his new job in 12 days!!!! I'm so excited. WE'RE so excited.
With that comes better hours for everyone involved = more time together.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's only Wednesday??

Let me just take a brief overview of the last two weeks - I have been tired but not really fatigued. Just when 9pm comes around I hit a brick wall. I have been cramping as my body is changing and growing. I have a new favorite seat in the house...the porcelain throne. (The books really didn't kid around about going to the bathroom SO MUCH! Unbelievable.) I have needed to eat more and more often. I try to eat more little meals through the day....but it seems like I am ALWAYS hungry. I cry over commercials on air and on tv. It's actually pretty ridiculous. I try not to let others see me when that happens because it would be quite embarrassing. I have been extremely hot...kicking the covers off at night and not getting comfortable. It sure is a good thing the winter is coming up...I need the warmth. (Now enough with the sentences that start with the letter I, it's driving me nuts) Last week I had to start using the rubberband with my pants...that is kinda depressing but I guess it is just a part of the job. I am gonna love it!!!

But jumping to today and going forward....I am exhausted. I fell asleep doing my coupons last night at 9:30. Nik was so sweet to tuck me in and turn off the lights. I woke up this morning at 7am....but I am so tired. This is the first official day of exhaustion. I have times (usually after lunch) where I get tired but not the physical exhaustion. I have to turn my ipod on in the morning on my drive into work and sing at the top of my lungs to keep me from falling asleep in that long one hour drive to work. Can I drink caffeine? I kinda quit soda at the beginning of October....only to drink a Sprite when my stomach isn't happy....but I'm thinking I am going to need the caffeine. Agh. I don't know.

I am in my 7th week and have my first OB appt in 2 weeks. So excited! Nik will be there with me (unless work keeps him). Hopefully everything goes smoothly and we get to hear that heart beating 150beats/minute. Our baby is now the size of a blueBERRY. haha.

Nik talks to my belly already and says if it is a boy his name is Melvin and a girl is Gloria. lol. Of course these are not the names we will be giving them....but he likes to joke around and have fun. We don't really want to give the baby a name and call it by name while in my belly...only when the baby arrives.

Week 7 is almost to an end. Crazy!!! We're having fun so far.
Except for tonight...we have class until 10pm. NOT looking forward to that! I can barely make it past 9 while I am doing nothing.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Beginning of Our Lives Changing Forever

Tuesday October 19, 2010

My friend, Catharine, sent me a text that she was pregnant. I was so excited I HAD to call her and get the details. We talked for a bit about how she was feeling and how things were going. She told me how she announced it to her husband, Kirk, and just all the joys she has felt the last couple days since finding out. She had told me that before she found out she was pregnant she was going to the bathroom ALL THE TIME. She had no idea what was wrong with her but things were different.

The whole time on the phone I was thinking about the changes in myself….I was going to the bathroom all the time, I was cramping (which I thought was for my period that was due the Friday before and was just late), my top was so sore that Nik couldn’t even hug me, and I was physically hot to the touch like a temperature but not really (which was extremely backwards in our relationship. Nik was always the hot one and I was always cold).

After getting off the phone with Catharine to head to lunch, I decided to text her and ask her if she was feeling the same things – cramping, sore top, and hot to the touch. She said YES.

What did that mean for me?!

I thought I wanted to wait til the next week to take a test…JUST IN CASE I was just really late…but while I was getting my lunch I decided to grab a test at CVS. I HAD to go to the bathroom anyways when I got back to the office…so it was perfect.
When I arrived at the office, I headed straight to the bathroom. The test laid on the floor as it was working up the results. As I headed out of the bathroom I looked down at the test




I bent down real slow JUST so I didn’t fall over from shock. I read correctly. Luckily it was the Clear Blue test that actually said the word instead of the stupid lines…I definitely wasn’t reading this one wrong. No way possible.

I walked out of the bathroom…as white as a ghost. I couldn’t believe it. That word meant my life was going to change, along with Nik’s, FOREVER. But this is everything we wanted….so I was happy, just in shock. I left the bathroom and walked to Wendy’s desk and stood in front of it, just staring at her, IN COMPLETE SHOCK.
I just stared.
And stared some more.

She looked at me and asked what was wrong. I told her what just happened in the bathroom. She jumped up and gave me a huge hug and started crying. She was so excited for me.

Yes, she was the first to know. I thought I was gonna faint…I had to tell someone.

I sat in my seat, as she ate my lunch, and we talked about how we should tell Nik. It was and I had 3.5 hours left of work. I wanted to tell him right then, but over the phone is not cool. I wanted to always see his face with this news. After many ideas I decided I was go to Target and get a onsie that says “I love Daddy” on my way home.
 did NOT come soon enought, but when it did I left work and headed to Target. I was so nervous. I was afraid it was a fluke so I took another test at Target before I made my purchase JUST to make sure I was pregnant.

Same results.
Nothing changed.
So off to the baby section I went.
Not sure if it is a boy or girl (obviously) I just bought the cheapest onsie that said “I love Daddy” on it. Turned out it was grey and blue for a boy because all the girl ones said Mommy. I just left it in the Target bag cuz I didn’t have any special wrapping already handy.

When I got home I told him to come and look at what I got at Target. I told him that it was cheap and I just had to have it now even though we won’t need it until the Summer. He was pretty excited to see what I got because I have been pretty good at getting good deals, he wanted to see what it was this time. As he stood in front me I opened the Target shopping bag and he looked down and saw the onsie folded up and the part showing was DADDY.
He looked up me.
“You’re pregnant?! REALLY!! YOU’RE PREGNANT! We're having a BABY!!!”
I kept nodding my head in agreement and we both started crying. He gently picked me as if I was a porcelain doll, ever so gentle not to ruin anything. He was so sweet. We had our moments of laughing and crying tears of joy and happiness.  He kept staring at me like he was unable to fully comprehend what was happening.

Our lives are going to change forever the summer of 2011.
After my own calculations I estimated my due date to be June 24, 2011.
(It would be awesome if I could have the baby on the 22nd. If you know the story behind the 22nd, you get it).
My first OB appt is November 18th. We shall see what happens.
In the mean time, we both want this to stay under wraps until the 2nd trimester has begun. 

This blog is going to go through my life and I am going to try to keep up on it a little better. I will keep posting but it will not be visible to the public until my 2nd trimester has begun.