Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Best Two Years

This post is a little delayed, but as you might pick up from my previous post....
my life has been a little crazy lately

June 10th was our Anniversary but since Tatum was going to be home from the NICU by then, Nik and I decided to celebrate a little early.
So on June 3rd we went to The Melting Pot and had a wonderful time together.

Here are some pictures from that evening.
 I love him!
 I think the blurriness comes from all the heat in that little booth.
Cuz yes, we are hott!!! 
Ok, and maybe something to do with that melting pot and all the steam.
 Yeah, kinda forgot to take a 'before' picture here.
The food is too good to last long enough for a picture.
 One happy little wife and new mamma!
 Our waiter asked what we were celebrating so we told him our anniversary and new baby.
When it came time for dessert, he brought out this little dish.
So sweet!
 Gosh! Every part of the meal is amazing...and I made sure to capture this before it was gone!
Happy 2nd Anniversary!
Couldn't have asked for a better person to spend my life with.

Here is to many many MANY more celebrations!


  1. As your Father, I am very, very happy that you found a man who will provide and care for you and your family. He is a hard worker and very strong in the church. I too hope that you and Nik will see many, many more days like this one. It only gets better...

    Love ya Both, wait, that should be, you three!!!

    Love, your Dad, and a very happy Grandpa!!!

  2. Happy 2 years! I'm so excited for you guys and what lies ahead. Enjoy the cuddly moments with your cute baby girl because that stage passes too quickly.

  3. DAWNA! Happy Anniversary and congrats on your beautiful baby Tatum. I LOVE that name and she is precious. What a scary scary time that must have been but she is just perfect. SO happy for you guys!!