Saturday, October 29, 2011

Life As We Know It... better than any dream!

Tatum is now 5 months and is growing so fast! I love it!

I feel like my life is finally beginning to settle down. I get more sleep and I am understanding more of what she wants. My house is cleaner and I don't need as many naps anymore. She is happier and I am happier and Nik is just as happy as ever!

Here are some pictures of the last few months.

June 2011
Few Weeks Old
 -Still had to wake up every 3 hours to nurse her.
-Aunt Amy made the blue flower headband
-The I <3 DAD shirt was what I gave him to tell him I was pregnant.

July 2011
1 Month Old
 -Finally allowed to let her sleep through the night...and she did just that!
-Went swimming for the first time. Wasn't a fan when she was not holding onto someone.
-She loved dancing with her Daddy...inside Walgreens. haha
-Her and her Daddy are twins. The bottom right picture is them having fun at Red Robin.

August 2011
2 Months Old
 -She loves taking naps with her cuddly.

September 2011
3 Months Old
 -She didn't gain a single ounce all month so we switched to formula.
-Still napping with Daddy every chance she got.
-She started smiling for things other than the passing of gas :)
-She loved to nap on Nonnie (right there in the center) every time the family got together.
-She started using her Bumbo and that little chair has been AWESOME!
-She rolled over on my birthday!! That's all I wanted from her. haha

 September 2011
Labor Day Swim Party
 -I didn't get swim diapers for this one she wore a regular one 
and it was funny to see her big behind! haha
-She had so much fun and we all were loving it.

September 23-26, 2011
Oceanside, CA
(more pictures on the big camera will be uploaded soon)
-She had fun with her Berry family.
-The ocean was something she could watch all day.
-She was so exhausted from the day and after throwing a fit she fell asleep hardcore
(bottom right picture)
-Showing off her good looks with Auntie Amy's sunglasses
(bottom center picture)
-We walked all afternoon using the Moby Warp and it was AWESOME!
(bottom left picture. Thank you Gma Berry!)

October 2011
4 Months Old
-She keeps rolling over from her back to stomach. So fun!
-She makes raspberries with her lips and spits bubbles out while she's at it.
-She takes naps in her crib.
-She sleeps around 11 hours a night!
-She loves to grab anything and everything...and her favorites are my hair, my glasses, and my lips.
-She does little ab exercises in the bath and in her car seat and it is adorable!
-She can sit up a little better by herself when on your lap but not yet on her own. (if that makes sense)
-She jabbers all the time.
-She loves go to on walks in her stroller.
-She is smiling and laughing so much...and it just melts my heart.
-She has been wearing 6 months clothes for the last month and it makes me kinda sad.

Now that we are pretty much caught up, I hope to update this blog more often. 
Times have been hard being a new mom, I won't lie or try to deceive, but it has been so worth it! When she does something funny or learns something new or even smiles and laughs, that totally makes you forget the rough times when all she wanted to do was cry. She is getting so much better and more regular with her routines and I am so blessed. Being a mom is so fun! This is the best "job" I have ever had!


  1. LOVE it! Love that precious little girl, TOO! ;>

  2. Oh, and did you catch the Crocodile Tear rolling down her right check when she got her ears pierced? August, middle right pic. Makes her gma just a little sad... Haha! ;>

  3. She is beautiful Dawna! I am so happy to see how well you guys are doing :)

  4. She's beautiful! So much fun to see all the pictures!