Monday, October 8, 2012

Family of Four

I can't believe I haven't been on here to update since February. 

This is what Tatum looked like back in February.

And here is what she looks like 8 months later.

It blows my mind how much our family has changed over 16.5 months (since Tatum was born), let alone the last 8 months. So, here is a little update on our family of Four.

He works Full Time with
He loves it there! The owner sure does know how to treat his employees right.
Nik is also Full Time at ASU.
I believe he is taking 13 credit hours.
Nik loves his daughter and is so cute with her. I love watching them play together.
He has been learning how to build websites and is having lots of fun.
I don't see him all that much because he really just comes home to sleep and do work/school all over again the next day.
Oh, and to top it off,  Nik's calling in our ward is to be the Ward Missionary's Assistant.

I am 20.4 weeks pregnant with another little girl.
I am so blessed to be able to stay home with Tatum and I love it!
I have a calling in the ward - Activity Days Leader.
I have started baking more, which is good and bad.
Good because it is yummy.
Bad because standing too long in one spot makes my hips hurt real bad
Because the baby is already making me gain weight, I don't need the unhealthy calories to do that too.
My body has reached that awkward stage where my shirts are too small, so I like to wear Nik's shirts, but then that is weird if I leave the house in I have like 2 shirts I feel comfortable enough to wear outside of the house. If you often see me in those two shirts...don't worry, I wash them daily.
I ride the scooters at Walmart and anywhere else we go...Nik's orders.
I have really bad hip problems (yes, I am pregnant, but they are really bad...but I am not going to sit here and complain) so that is why I ride the scooters. This pain didn't start until much later while pregnant with Tatum, but this time around the hormone/chemical/whatever-you-want-to-call-it Relaxin released itself far too early for comfort.
I have already had to go to the Triage to have them stop my contractions.
Honestly, I am so happy to be pregnant and to be bringing another sweet child into our family...and all this pain and trouble is completely worth it! I cannot wait to meet her in February.

16.5 months old
24lbs (79%tile)
33inches (97%tile)
She has been walking for 2 months.
She was the Flower Girl at Caren and John's wedding back in August.
She signs "please" and sometimes will sign "more"
She waves, blows kisses, gives kisses, claps, and plays Peek-A-Boo (sometimes by herself). 
She says Yes, Dada, Mama, Gamma, Papa, Nana, Hi, Hello, and Diddy (Mickey).
She shakes and nods her head to communicate.
She is a Parrot...mimicking everything we do.
She loves brushing her teeth.
She tries to run and it makes us laugh everytime...because it is like a Hopping Run. 
She can feed herself with a fork and spoon...not all that well, but she understands how it works.
She drinks out of a cup and has been bottle-free since she turned 1, back in May
And she has been sippy cup-free for almost 3 months.
She has been pacifier-free for over 3 months.
She has 12 teeth and 2 more are coming in as we speak.
It is so crazy that she understands what we when I tell her "It is time to change your diaper" or "Time to brush your teeth/hair" or "Let's go read a book" or "Time for bed" "Would you like some water/milk?"...she knows where to go for these things. 
She knows that she is not allowed to touch the working TV remotes and that those are Mommy's and Daddy's and that Tatum has her own non-working remote. Well, sometimes she finds Mommy's remote and will play with it when I am not looking/in the other room...but as soon as I see her with it, she hands it right over, without question. Same with our phones, most of the time.
She is now tall enough to climb on the she does that most of the day. Climb on. Slide off. Climb on. Slide off. 
When she wants me to have something she is holding, she will grab my hand, turn it so it's palm-up, and put the object in my hand. It will be a book, a toy, the TV remote, a Pop Tart, Fruit snack, her shoes, and sometimes my watch. That has been it so far.

Baby Girl Berry:
She has been moving around a lot and I love it!
She doesn't like Red Salsa, just like how Tatum didn't like it either, but loves Green Salsa.
She doesn't like Dr Pepper. More of a Coke girl.
I love her so much already!
Our next appointment is this coming Thursday and I can't wait to see her on the screen and take some pictures home with us.

Hopefully this wasn't too scattered for you to follow. This Pregnancy Brain thing is real and it makes it really hard for me to put logical sentences together. 
We have been in our house for 3.5 months and I just barely got around to completely unpacking our room and Tatum's room last month. Yes, I had a good excuse, but am much happier now that it is done.
We love our home and our neighborhood. There are so many good people on our street, and we know almost all of the neighbors that surround us.
Our ward is so so so nice and we finally feel like we are a part of a ward that accepts us and welcomes us with open arms.
We have two Tortoises, Slice and Hugo Jr, and we hope to add a dog to our family sometime next year...but we will see how things go with a newborn before adding a puppy to the mix. 
That is all for now. 



  1. I love reading about all you guys! You need to post more. I've been missing you! Love you <3

  2. Love it, Dawna! Because I love YOU!! :D