Sunday, November 4, 2012

Uterine Math

Let me start this off with a conversation Nik and I had back in March (I posted it on Rebecca's Facebook so we could forever remember it)...
Rebecca was pregnant with our soon-to-be-Niece at the time and he wanted to know how far along she was....
So here you go...

Nik: "How far along is Rebecca?"
Me: "I think she is 24 Weeks."
Nik: <death stare> (he HATES how we count in weeks) "So she is 6 months along?"
Me: <laughs> "Actually, she is only 5 months."
Nik: <steam coming out ears> "HOW?! HOW does THAT make ANY SENSE?! You count in Weeks and then take one month away when we ask how many months?!?!"
I then explained it to him and laughed. He hates counting in Weeks but us women, especially those that have been pregnant, know how each week counts. Lol.
Just had to share this story with you. 
 This is pretty much the jist of it. We were talking about this just the other day, but about me and our baby, and he was getting so frustrated that it made me laugh. Here are a few things he said during that conversation...

"So, no matter what kind of calculation I do with the number of weeks you give me, I will always be wrong? This is what I call Uterine Math. There should be a course just on this! You pregnant women and your calculations never make any sense."

He said some other pretty funny things but with this Pregnancy Brain (it IS real!) I have forgotten most of them. It just cracks me up...I never count in months but I can tell you any day, in the blink of an eye, how far along I am in weeks. I CAN tell you in months but it will take me some time to think it through.

I guess I just needed to make this post to remember this funny moments. I'm sure both sides can relate...those that are/have been pregnant and those that have not/never will be (i.e. men). 

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